Uninspiring gadget show

The previous episode of The Gadget Show looked a bit weird. As usual, they were given a challenge and this time, the challenge was to find an ultimate Christmas gift. And of course, the challenge was gadget related. Two male presenters competed with the other two female presenters in order to come up with the best Christmas gadget gift. Well, what I felt weird was towards the end of the show, the male presenters came up with a 15” LG LED TV monitor while the female presenters came up with a 3D projector that could definitely project 3D videos larger 15”. Well, LED or no LED, I don’t believe anyone would want to choose a 15” LED TV monitor over any plasma or samsung lcd televisions that they have in the studio. It seemed like they were forced to present the TV monitor as their ultimate Christmas gadget gift. Anyway, who knows what they were doing. Maybe they were just run out of ideas. It’s fun to watch the show though, but I don’t take their reviews too seriously.

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