A bad and good day

Yesterday, I was feeling real bad; flu, a little bit of cold and sore throat. Mee was the same but she felt a little bit better than me. I could barely open my eyes and everything I saw was almost a single line. The coding on the screen was also blurred. Yet, I carried on working. Out of curiosity, I decided to check the pagerank of my blog. I don’t know why I would want to check as I make no effort in making link exchanges. I just type post after post these days. The highest pagerank I ever got was pagerank 1 and that only lasted like a month. To my surprise, My Ideas 4 You is now a pagerank 2 blog. How cool is that? Well, at least it’s cool to me.

I wonder how long since I last checked my friends’ updates on Facebook. I think I last checked like a week ago when I was busy updating and modding my HTC Desire. Well, just yesterday, I had it working like how I wanted it to be. So, from now on, I will start customising it to my needs again. As usual, login to Facebook and the updates refreshed automatically. Guess what I saw? The company that I used to work for was advertising job vacancies for three programmers, two supports and one or two business executive. They even advertised their point of purchase displays and services offered which are mostly related to retail business. Great for them as it seems like their business is expanding. When I first joined, there were only two staffs; the boss and me. Well, there was a part time account manager but that account manager is now the boss’ wife. Anyway, it’s good seeing them doing this well.

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