Christmas wishes

Guess what? I am using my mobile internet to access internet using my netbook. Well, it is not a new thing already and I could have just online using my mobile phone but there are things that I need to do using my netbook. The idea is to setup my mobile phone as a wireless hotspot. By clicking on the available wireless network on my netbook, it detects the mobile phone’s hotspot and connects to it. It’s a bit slow but still better than nothing. Anyway, how fast would you expect from running a mobile internet compared to a 10MB cable internet connection? The setup is painless and that’s the important point.

Christmas is coming, in fact, it is just 10 days to go. I don’t have anything that I wish to have in particular. Mee has promised that she would buy a pair of gym shoes for me. I have the brand and model in sight, and hopefully, I would be able to enjoy the classes even more after that. As usual for Mee, more handbags. I don’t actually have any gadget stuffs in mind. We will definitely be getting a digital camera. I am quite keen on getting an iPhone, although I won’t be using it, Mee will. The contract ends exactly a month from tomorrow and I shall call them, maybe this weekend, to see what offers I can get. Most probably, we will buy an iPhone from iStore and sell whatever phone we get for our contract from our mobile provider, Three Network. We just change our Ordinateurs de bureau about a year ago, so that’s still good. The more I use my netbook, the more I find it bulky. I have the Macbook Air in my mind but it will be my target for next year. The current Macbook Air is still using the old Core 2 Duo processor and the new MacOS codename Lion will be coming out next year. It will be interesting to see the next generation of Macbook Air with newer processor and the new MacOS. If Mee and I go back to Malaysia next year, I would probably buy myself an iPad.

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