More upgrades

The phone system has just been upgraded and I believe the upgrade was the smoothest among all the IT upgrades which were done previously. The card system is still work in progress. So, all staffs are wearing the new card but without the system. The network infrastructure is considerably stable. Thought I mentioned the phone upgrade was smooth, there were also some glitches. We could only make internal phone calls at the moment. Well, they blame it to the provider but who knows when it will be sorted out. We could see who is calling who on the display. Each phone costs more than the agreed pay award we get but that’s a bit irrelevant. Anyway, the IT is always introducing something which is incomplete and they do not have a clue what kind of impact it will have on all the staffs in this organisation. They just unplug and plug as they want and when they want.

One of my colleagues is going to Australia next Monday. I bet she is excited about the trip but frustrated about the current weather forecast. Heavy snow on Saturday but we never know. It was forecasted that there will be heavy snow last night but it didn’t. For those who are now on a nice and cosy Royal Caribbean cruise holiday will not have to face the extreme weather forecasted. Why Royal Caribbean? Well, it seems to be very popular among my colleagues.

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