Tomorrow is bank holiday. Just yesterday, Mee and I were thinking whether or not we need to work tomorrow. Well, our Christmas holiday starts from 23rd December 2010 to January 2011. So, naturally, Mee and I thought that we might need to start work on the 3rd January 2011. Obviously, it was not natural to think that way as this is UK. Anyway, I texted my manager with a “Happy New Year” message and he texted back saying “See you on Tuesday”. Nice. Looking back, the Christmas break that we had was quite short. I was sick for almost half of the break. What a nice way to enter the year 2011.

I was looking for my usb drives the other day and only to find out that I have not done any spring cleaning at all. Part of the reasons was that I was too sick to even move about too much, let alone spring cleaning. By the end of next week, I believe that our room will be packed with our online orders. Next weekend may be a good time to do some cleaning. But then again, I might be busy testing out the camera and let Mee does the clearing out.

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