Happy New Year 2011

Happy new year 2011 everyone! It was last year since I last posted. It sounded quite a while but it’s only about two weeks. Well, a lot of things have happened and particularly the not so good things happen to me. I caught a cold on Christmas’ night and I had to rest three full days to recover. Mee and I did go shopping on Boxing day at Westfield, London since we did not have any Christmas Party Invitations. We left about 4pm to avoid traffic and also because the crowd made it almost impossible to shop. There were just too many people. Anyway, we bought what we wanted and we just got out of there.

The next few days, we did our shopping online. In fact, we just bought our camera yesterday as we wanted to take advantage of the tax rebate given by one of the online retailers. We bought Canon S95 and we can’t wait for it to arrive, hopefully next week. I have researched for a couple of months and read numerous reviews. I believe that this camera will be good enough to replace our old Canon Ixus 65. I bought my new gym shoes online too. It was supposed to arrive last Friday but I was told that it was delayed during transit. I guess next week, a lot of our online orders will arrive. It is going to be an exciting week!

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