Bicester Village

I got a bad toothache. It has been bothering me since Saturday. Still Mee and I went to Bicester Village today. The toothache was giving me all sorts of problem but towards the end of the day, it felt better. I might be calling in for sick tomorrow because I can’t even speak properly or even smile. It just hurts when doing certain facial expression. Mee’s advice is to get it done when we are back in Malaysia. Hmm… I just hope that I can get a longer holiday as the tooth operation will take a couple of weeks to heal. We’ll see. At Bicester Village today, it was crowded and car park was full. We could hardly find a space and cars were just going in from every directions you can imagine. In the end, we parked our car at Tesco’s car park near by. Some of the outlet stores were giving out further discounts and in most cases, you had to queue just to get into the stores. Mee managed to grab a few polo shirts and sweaters in one of the outlets. She did ask me to check out the men’s polo shirts but I was not quite interested at that time due to my toothache. I would rather wait for her to finish her shopping than doing the shopping myself.

As I said, I was feeling much better towards the end of the day. I managed to shop around for some accessories but unfortunately for the outlet stores, I did not see anything that attracted me. I was still more concerned about my toothache and we went to Tesco to grab more painkillers.

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