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Christmas is over and the New Year has come. I was feeling really down during the holiday period as I was ill most of the time. Now, it is just my toothache that is bugging me. I would expect it to be pain free in a couple of days’ time. Everyone is talking about New Year’s resolution. Honestly, I don’t have any, neither do Mee. We just want to be able to do what we want at any time we want. But right now, I have to gain back the weight that I lost during the period of my illness. And that is about 6kg. I am beginning the feel a lot better now and start eating normally. So, I believe that I will be able to gain the weight in about a month.

As I always say, whenever there is a festive period, my mailbox will be full of advertisement about offers and promotions. This time is no exception especially the VAT increase. Most retailers will be trying to attract consumers to spend by freezing the VAT for a period of time. Well, the emails that I received range from gadgets and mobile services to nursing uniforms and sports attire. Emails virtually cost nothing. If they were to send out advertisement by post, I am sure most of them would not reach me as they might want to match specific targets by specific products.

Sometimes I just click on the advertisement because you never know what you will find even though they may not be relevant to you. Surprisingly, I don’t actually know that you can get proper cherokee medical uniforms online. I thought you could only get cheap scrub uniform from costume retailers like the ones which you normally shop for Halloween stuffs. Anyway, the amount of these emails that I received is just shocking. Still, it can be quite enjoyable to go through them once a while.

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