Feeling great!

It’s Friday and this weekend will be considered as trouble free weekend since December. I feel great now except that I still can’t munch food using the problem tooth area. I don’t want to take the chance of inflicting the wound again until it has fully recovered. Mee and I went to the Body Attack class on Wednesday and that was our first gym class since December. I wore the new trainer which Mee bought for me during Christmas and the experience was different but great. Well, it was different in the sense that I could train harder and better than I was. The trainer gave me the balance that I needed as well as the grip. However, we were both tired and aching all over the bodies the very night.

Things haven’t been going to well for my car though. Well, there aren’t any major issues and there are some minor issues that really frustrate me. Whenever I depress the brake, the central brake light does not come on. When the plate lights are on, they will go off whenever the brake is depressed. I got it checked when I had the exhaust change but I was advised to take my car to an auto electrician. On the other hand, the screeching sound whenever I rev my car to 2,000 rpm has sort of come back now even though I had it fixed a while ago. I suspect that it might be something to do with one of the belts or thrust bearings. I am not a mechanic but I won’t be trying to get it fixed now since it is not affecting the car. In fact, I have decided not to bother too much about car problems unless it is a major issue.

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