Second day at gym

Today is my second day at gym since Wednesday. It was my free weight session. I started by lifting lighter weights compared to what I had previously and soon, I found out that my fitness level has dropped a lot. However, I just kept carried on with the usual routine and trying to do as much as I could. There were a few moments where I thought I might try to increase the weight but my hands were not coping very well, especially my right hand. Half way through, I met a gym friend and we chatted a bit. Of course, I mentioned how I fell sick and had to rest throughout most of the Christmas break. And now my toothache even though it has been a whole lot better now. He, on the other hand, had a very nice Christmas break. He had a family gathering as well as a good value Paris break which he managed to find during the Christmas period. He also mentioned that he had an ATV activity plan booked with some friends but they abandoned it as they couldn’t find the suitable ATV Parts which were quite essential. Anyway, he had a way better Christmas than me, full stop.

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