Gaining weight

I remember that just last Tuesday, I mentioned that I lost about 6kg during the Christmas period. Since then, I have been to two gym sessions and eating normally. And I am quite pleased with myself so far as I have put on 1.5kg. Hopefully, if the calculation is correct, I should gain the weight that I have lost in another three weeks’ time. Some people may ask what diet pills actually work. But I do know that being ill for a couple of weeks could seriously bring down the weight in an unhealthy way.

On the back of my mind, I am having a dilemma about the whey protein supplement that I have been taking before Christmas. Since I have just started to go to the gym last week, I felt the difference with and without taking the supplement. I like to continue taking the supplement but I kind of blame it for the indigestion feeling that I had when I was ill. Right now, I will give myself a couple of weeks’ time to decide. If I manage to gain some weight during this time, ideally 1.5kg per week, I don’t think I should continue taking the supplement. After all, it’s not like I am entering body building competition.

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