Bank on sale

I am a HSBC customer for years now. Compared to other banks that I have dealt with in the UK, I feel that HSBC is much more efficient and the online banking looks professional yet easy to use. Because of these points, I am still quite reluctant to leave HSBC even though banks like Santander and Halifax are offering a one off £100 and £5 per month respectively. Furthermore, I don’t really get much value for my money with them. Even the credit card is just a plastic card without cash back or points that I can earn compared to other cards. I am still with them though.

Their current advertisement makes me laugh a bit whenever I saw it. It says the sale is now on. A bank on sale? Apparently, it is true. It is basically offering good rates ranging from personal loan to homeowners insurance quotes. None of them interests me but I just hope that they could offer better rates for ISA come April. I don’t have high hopes as part of me is already thinking of changing provider when it’s due.

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