Busy days …

My workload has always been going uphill and never downhill. Sometimes, it makes me impatient as well as frustrated when more works are coming to my way. Prioritisation is important but when a lot of tasks are high priority, it doesn’t really matter any more. Organisation is equally important but when you are bombarded with paperworks, phone calls and tons of emails, not even my manager could handle that. We are human and we tend to forget or miss out on things. Some individuals don’t appreciate that we have to handle dozens of people’s requests yet he or she has to only remember the one thing requested from us. Some people do appreciate yet they set ridiculous deadline. There are times when I want to spoil myself by spending money on either new gadgets or upgrading existing gadgets that I have just so I have something non-work related to look forward to and to play with. Yet I found myself even frustrated because I always research thoroughly to make sure that I stretch my money. I might end up with buying nothing as there are not many things that are cheap yet pack of features.

Anyway, Mee and I still have another way to release stress. That is travel. We have decided to go for a long holiday in three separate but close places; Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We have not booked the flight and hotel yet but we hope to have it done by this weekend. Of all three places, I have been to none but Mee has visited Hong Kong a few years ago. She would love to go there again mainly because of the food. Mee and I will just need to keep our cool for a few more weeks and we are off to our own paradise. Well, maybe not paradise as it will be a race again time since we are going to three places.

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