It is still winter now but the sun is bright and sunny. There are no signs of cold at all right now in the office. In fact, we have our windows opened. If I remember correctly, it was snowing this time last year. And at this time of the year, a lot of gym members are trying to lose the weight that they gained over the Christmas and New Year period. Hence, to attract more gym members, the gym that I am with at the moment had their open day session just last Saturday. It was a day to showcase their current and latest addition of fat burner classes. Zumba catches Mee’s attention but we soon found out that we have to pay a certain amount of fees even though we are members. Apparently, Zumba is gaining its popularity around the word but when I had a look at a Zumba video posted on the Youtube, it looked like body pump, a class which was cancelled last year due to licensing issues. Well, if they were able to offer more classes last time, why do they need to charge us for Zumba this time?

These days, you get less value with the money that you spend. The gym membership prices are still the same yet they have cut down some classes and we are not allowed to freeze our account like we use to be able to. The best part is our salaries are not able to catch up with the increase of prices around us.

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