MacBook Air 11-inch …

Ever since MacBook Air 11-inch was announced, I have been paying a lot of attention on Apple products. Beforehand, I was tempted to buy an entry level MacBook which was priced at £849. The size and the weight were a concern as I will only be using it for travelling and light weight usage. Instead, I got myself a Samsung NC10 netbook. It serves me well and it only costs me £289 at that time. I think it was a lot easier to choose a netbook then compared to now. Every now and then, manufacturers would come up with a newer model of netbook but the specifications as I see it are not much difference from the rest. I am quite glad that I have bought a netbook myself because if I were to choose one now, I will have sleepless nights.

Right now, I have the MacBook Air 11-inch in mind to replace my Samsung NC10 netbook. I suppose I have maxed the potential of my Samsung NC10 but some of the things are hardware limitation. I have installed and tested several OS and found out that Linux is the most suitable OS on netbook. It’s free and it’s fast. Well, it’s fast for my usage. I have not gone to the trouble of upgrading the RAM from 1GB to 2GB which I believe it will make some difference, though not much. The screen resolution is something that I would love to be able to modify myself. At 1024X600, it is not ideal for me. It doesn’t do any good most of the webpages that I browse frequently. I have since refrained myself from anything which has a screen resolution of 1024X600. The touchpad is incredibly small. It wasn’t a real problem, at least not until you see MacBook Air’s touchpad.

Now, as soon as I saw the MacBook Air 11-inch, I started to plan, research, compare and think. Lots of people would say Apple products are expensive. If you ask who think Apple products are expensive, I would be the first one to put my hand up. Not anymore. I felt I was ignorant in the past even though I have considerable amount of IT knowledge. I have since went into every laptop manufacturers website; Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo and whatever brands you can think of and I couldn’t quite get something that matches MacBook Air.

Sony TZ series have impressive specifications sheet but the price alone can buy me a MacBook Air 11-inch, an iPhone 4 and an iPad altogether. Dell Adamo starts from £999 while Dell Vostro V130 starts from £539. Dell Vostro V130 seems like a good deal especially after personalised it to a specification near MacBook Air 11-inch, the price is around £730. For less than £100, you get a 13.3-inch screen and a bigger SSD size. However, the battery only lasts about 2 hours and it is half a kilo heavier. Lenovo U260 is also another one to watch out. US is selling the Lenovo U260 from $899 and by the time it reaches UK, I think it would be about the same price as MacBook Air 11-inch. However, the battery life is disappointing and there is no SSD storage option.

After comparing and reading reviews about various laptops, I came to realise that the number on the price tag is there for a reason. I may not be able to justify it previously, but I understand it now. I can’t even say Sony TZ series are expensive because for someone who needs to rely on Sony TZ series’ technology will think that it is worth every penny. Dell Vostro V130 may have a short battery life but for the price and specification, it will suit someone who is always near a power source. Even Samsung NC10 has served me well but I thought it is time to move on to have a machine that suits my needs. That’s when MacBook Air 11-inch comes in to my mind.

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