These days

Days have been quite normal. Work, eat and sleep describe it all. Well, of course there are more than that. I did not find myself playing any games or even fiddling around my HTC Desire. I have been reading reviews; MacBook Air reviews as mentioned in my previous post. In the end, I believe that I will select the 128GB model and upgrade the RAM to 4GB. For me, it’s a little bit sad as it is quite impossible to upgrade it once you ordered it. However, a close casing with non removable enclosures makes it looks tidy and feels sturdy. The questions for now are where and when I should buy it.

Enough said for MacBook Air. Mee and I went to town centre on Sunday and bought ourselves two inexpensive funky looking watches. As they were on promotion, we would normally think that they would be the last two available. However, we tried our luck and asked whether or not they had any new ones in stock. The answer was no. Today, Mee went to town centre and she saw that they have two new ones on the display. Now, are they being dishonest to us? Even though those two watches were on sale, but we would expect that our transaction was handled professionally. Just because of the unreliable staff, we had to go back to the shop tomorrow to ask for an explanation.

While at the town centre on Sunday, we managed to grab a thing and two at TKMaxx as they were having final clearance on some of their stocks. There were not many items to choose from as I believe that the sale has started long ago. Anyway, while we were queuing to pay, we saw some old design ash trays and humidor on display. Whenever I see those types of ash trays, I will think of the ash tray that my father used when he used to smoke. If I were a smoker, I will prefer those types of ash tray rather than nowadays’ glass ash tray that looks like a small plate.

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