Too good to be true

About a week ago, I mentioned about HSBC sale. Apparently, most of the banks are offering great interest rates on insurance, personal loan and mortgage according to Yahoo! Finance. Well, I have personally never taken one of those but someday, I might. I wonder if you had ever noticed. In the afternoon, the advertisements on the TV are mostly about loans, insurance claiming, social security disability entitlement, injury and the likes. And most of them are not from renowned organisations. Imagine that current personal loan interest rate from bank is about 7.5%. One of the advertisements has an annual percentage of rates of more than 2000% written in small letter wordings at the bottom of the screen. In Malaysia, my friends and I would brand them as licensed loan sharks. “No win no fee” is also one of the terms that can be heard frequently. Is that true or are there any unknown charges until you actually contact them? Sometimes, things are just too good to be true.

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