MacBook Air decision …

Yes, I have decided. Well, not totally. 70% of me have decided to go for the full specification of MacBook Air 11-inch while the rest thinks that MacBook Air 13-inch should still be in the equation. The full specification of MacBook Air 11-inch will include three upgrades from the base model; processor upgrades from 1.4GHz to 1.6GHz, memory module upgrades from 2GB to 4GB and 128GB flash drive. Honestly, I have been reading lots of user comments and some of them were quite satisfied with the base model for normal usage such as working on word documents, browsing, listening to music and watching movies. Some of them, on the other hand preferred to have the full specification MacBook Air as you will not be able to upgrade it afterwards. I guess I don’t want to be in the group of people where I might blame myself for not going for the upgrades at the end of the day.

I must say that my current Samsung NC10 serves me well and I wish it could be thinner. And it has a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM and 160GB hard disk. So, you might say why do I need those upgrades if I were going to buy MacBook Air? I suppose I can do more if I have a more powerful machine.

Well, I have spoken to Mee a lot of times about MacBook Air and she is definitely frustrated by my un-deciding mind. The concerns that I have with MacBook Air 11-inch over MacBook Air 13-inch are the screen size and SD card slot. I have managed to convince myself that I don’t need the SD card reader which is only available on the MacBook Air 13-inch. It is a nice thing to have and considering that we just bought a Canon Powershot S95 which uses SD card, it will be a lot easier to do some backup on the go. However, imagine that I am using a camera that is using some other form of memory cards. Then to me, the SD card reader is not as useful as I thought it would be.

As for the screen size, I have to revisit the local iStore and check out both. Both Mee and I had briefly used the MacBook Air 11-inch when we were in Westfield, London and we were not bothered by the screen size; crystal clear and responsive machine. Or maybe I was too excited to have found out that there is a MacBook Air 11-inch in the market. Since then, I have been into the local iStore many times and I believe a few more visits should make my choice clearer.

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