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Is technology supposed to help us? Well, it doesn’t seem to help me at the moment. I am torn between choices and options and I know that I will keep thinking about it until I have actually purchased it. This is all MacBook Air’s fault.

So, Mee and I went to the local iStore yesterday to look at the MacBook Air 13” and the MacBook Air 11” as I said I would. The MBA 13” looked huge when placed beside MBA 11”. And we both agreed that MBA 11” will be our choice but we still find it a bit difficult to justify the full specification’s price against our needs or should I say my needs. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to regret for not getting the full specification MBA 11” and I think that I should sell my Samsung NC10. There is no point keeping two notebook of similar size even though I really like to keep my Samsung NC10 for testing purposes. It’s not like I have a lot of things to test but it’s always nice to have something there whenever you need it. By the way, I will probably get a lot less than half of the price that I paid about two years ago. Decisions, decisions. For my record, I still have a Pentium 4 computer sitting in the cupboard.

One of my favourite gadgets to watch is the next generation of PSP. I have never been so excited about the previous models of PSP, which is why I still have the “Phat PSP”. But this PSP2 attracted me in a way that it is a completely new PSP rather than an improve version of PSP. Previous PSPs are prone to the analog joystick failure. PSP2 seems to have addressed the issue and it even has two analog joysticks for better gaming experience. It has a touch screen, cameras (front and back), 3G, Bluetooth, wifi and the list doesn’t end here. Even the back panel is a multi-touch pad that can be used to control the movement of the game.

Size is a concern for some people and PSP2 is like the biggest handheld game console you will see in the market today. Honestly, when I choose my mobile phone, I will look at the size first. The reason that I am eyeing MBA 11” is also because of the size. But if I were going to choose a handheld console, I will not think twice but choose PSP2. Sony mentioned that consumers will not see a heavy price tag but I doubt it. On average, high specification mobile phones cost about £500. We shall see.

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