Happy Chinese New Year !!!

My sister is back at home now, celebrating Chinese New Year with the rest of our family. Well, it is just Mee and me here, reading through facebook comments and browsing our friends’ pictures taken during this festive period. I am sure a lot of Chinese are abroad at the moment and couldn’t be with their families. All it takes is to make a few phone calls and talk to each family members rather than just wishing that we could be there at this moment. There are a couple of things where Mee and I do not want to go back during Chinese New Year. The air ticket price is definitely higher unless you keep looking and comparing prices a few months earlier. The plane will most probably be crowded. Furthermore, the traffic will be bad and shopping complexes will be crowded too. I was going to say the weather but this year is a bit different compared to the past. It was usually very hot in Malaysia during Chinese New Year. However, it rains almost every day and causes several places in the country to be hit by flood. Anyway, Mee and I are still going back to Malaysia to visit our families but just not during Chinese New Year this time.

For Chinese, food hampers are popular gifts during Chinese New Year but it is not something that I can easily find here in the UK except in Chinatown. The closes that I can find is Gourmet Food Gifts. The Gourmet Food Gifts are different from hampers but I believe the concept is still the same. In fact, I have seen quite a lot of online promotions about Gourmet Food Gifts by different companies. The first that I saw was in one of the sites where I ordered my weight supplement products. As it advertised on the health supplements website, its selection of foods is all healthy products.

Just a sudden thought. I can’t seem to remember whether this year is the second year or the third year that I have missed celebrating Chinese New Year with my family. I was studying during my first year here and I wouldn’t have gone back to Malaysia during Chinese New Year as I never thought I would have got a job here. And the next Chinese New Year was about two months after I started this job and I mightn’t have had the courage to ask for a three weeks holiday. Well, I may be wrong. Anyway, I shall ask Mee when I get home later.

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