Winter is almost over

The day is getting longer now. It’s good in a way that I don’t feel sluggish while trying to get out of the bed. Most of our neighbours have not been using outdoor lighting as often as before and one of the reasons is because the council in our area has replaced most of the lamp posts bulb to white ones. There is one lamp post just outside our place and it is so bright that our room is brighter when the lights are switched off compared to the traditional orange bulb.

As the day gets longer each day, we hope that we would find the motivation to go to the gym more frequently. At the moment, we attend two body attack classes in a week while I will have another weight lifting session on my own. The other classes are a bit boring and the cold weather makes us feeling lazy in attending classes like yoga and Pilates. The health suite seems to have a problem with their spa’s chlorine level where they do not seem to care much. And to make things worse, the showers have been running on cold water since last week. It’s just one thing after another and they don’t seem to be capable enough to fix all things at once. Anyway, we haven’t got many choices. It’s the nearest gym without having to worry about parking. The opening hours are seemingly longer than other gyms in the vicinity. The membership is also significantly lower when paid yearly. All in all, it’s still an above average gym.

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