My parents and my sister went on a trip to China about 10 days ago. I had received a text message from them this morning saying that they have reached home. Usually, my parents will only go on a trip when my sister goes back to Malaysia for holiday and that’s the time when they manage to put down their work gloves and enjoy. Over the years, they have been to several countries but mainly Chinese speaking countries. Sometimes, I feel a little bit ashamed of myself because I haven’t made the effort in accompanying my parents. A bit selfish I would say as this time, I will be going to Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan with Mee. By the time we finish the trip, Mee and I will only have about two weeks stay in Malaysia. I am still wondering how I can make the most of the two weeks between my parents and friends. Of course, I will be spending most of the time with my parents but I would love to see my friends too.

Well, in about three weeks’ time, Mee and I will begin our longest holiday ever. Mind you, we had a hard time persuading our managers in giving us the long holiday. Anyway, it’s approved and we are glad. I might talk about the ‘hard time‘ next time. But right now, the hard time that I am facing is planning out the entire trip on three different places.

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