Gym classes

The gym that Mee and I have been going has decided to replace the Monday’s body attack class to total body training class. I believe that the instructor was talking about the replacement class last Monday before the start of the class but Mee and I were late to the class. I found it out through the notice board last Saturday, though. It is kind of sad because most of the workout classes do not involve moving around the room except body attack. They have already removed body jam about one year ago due to licencing issue and now they are cutting down body attack classes which I think are quite popular classes. In addition, they added an additional spinning class on Sunday which many feel boring as you will just sitting on a bike the whole time. Well, I don’t have any complains about spinning as I bought a spinning shoes myself to improve my ride. But when Mee stopped going, I stopped too.

Anyway, by looking at the description of Total Body Training exercise, it is not too bad after all. It is said to be a workout that target to burn belly fat, work on thigh as well as shaping the body. It might be just like an extension to my normal free weight session or perhaps more than that.

There is also a new Zumba class, which is really popular at the moment, but it is not free to the members. At times, I have thought about switching to another gym when our contracts end. However, the current gym is the most convenient and has longer opening hours. One of our gym friends is alternating between the gym we go and another gym in town and she prefers the gym in town. The room is so huge that they need to have two instructors and the classes are always full.

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