Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan …

It is now getting nearer and nearer towards Mee and my long holiday. I can’t wait to take a break from my work since the last time we took a holiday was about six months ago. In between, there was the two-week Christmas 2010 holiday but it was not particularly great for both of us as we had fallen sick. I spent most of the time in bed during those two weeks.

This time, our holiday can be both interesting and tiring. We are going to three cities; Macau, Hong Kong and Taipei. They are quite near to each other especially Macau and Hong Kong where it takes less than an hour of ferry ride. Flying from Hong Kong to Taipei takes just under two hours. However, they are still three different cities with interesting food and historic places to see. My strategy in organising our daily activities is to:
1. List all the places to visit and food to eat
2. Plot them on Google Map
3. Arrange them in order by day 1, day 2 and so on

Of course, my strategy is likely to apply to most people who plan their holidays themselves. This time though, we are not joining any local tour. After going on city breaks numerous times, we reckon that joining tour may not offer the best experience. Most of the time, we wish that we could have more time on the places that we go on tour. This time round, I will try to be the full-time tour guide for Mee.

I must admit that I was quite capable of remembering the history and things that I read from the internet prior to our holidays. However, as soon as we came back from our holidays, the memory would start to fade. It is really sad to say that on numerous occasions, I had failed to record holidays through writing. I do hope that this time will be different.

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