Weight problems

As usual, Mee and I went to the Wednesday’s body attack class yesterday. It was pack with people. We didn’t manage to book our places as it was fully booked. However, we did talk to the instructor on Monday to see if we could join without tickets. We are regulars and she agreed without much thinking. I was a bit weak yesterday as I have sore throat and a bit fever. It kinds of worry Mee and myself because we don’t want our holidays to be spoilt by illness. I am getting better today and I should recover in no time except sore throat.

Anyway, after the body attack class, we saw a gym poster stating that there is a new chiropractic specialist joining the gym and there will be a free assessment available for booking. We tried to book ourselves for the free assessment only to find out that there will be no free assessment before 14th of March. We are flying back to Malaysia on the 12th. We will just have to wait till we come back from our long holidays. We then saw one of our gym friends and he looked a lot slimmer. The slim-cautious-Mee then asked his method of slimming down and he replied by constantly jogging. Hmm… I believe that it is difficult to slim down as well as to gain weight. Mee has briefly tried appetite suppressants over the counter and it didn’t work for me and I have to keep eating in order to maintain my weight. Imagine how much I have to eat to gain more weight.

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