Gym days

All this time, I have been going to the gym with the hope of just gaining weight. Well, I know a lot of people have the opposite purpose of going to the gym. Anyway, I don’t really hope to get a six-pack because no matter how hard I train, my six-pack area becomes one-pack after a meal. Often, I would associate it with my diet. I simply just eat anything although I prefer vegetables and fruits in my meals. Most bodybuilders or sportsman are very conscious about what goes into their body.

When I first joined the gym, I used one of the machines to test my body fat level as well as other stuffs such as the weight of my hands and legs. My body fat was very low at that time and a couple of months later; I got my body fat level to normal. However, that meant my waist got bigger. Until now, it is still the same. I wonder if a cellulite treatment would help but then again, I am no bodybuilder. I shouldn’t care too much unless my waist gets bigger and bigger. Right now, I am still having an on-off fever and the sore throat is still a problem. I still hope that I will be fit enough to do my free weight session tomorrow. I really have to get into the habit of sleeping early.

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