Huge car bill …

I just got myself a huge car bill. Well, I have sensed that I will be paying a little bit more that the price I paid for just MOT and full service even before I sent my car over to the workshop. Little did I know that it will cost this much. The workshop owner was good enough to give me a discount of 10-15% and I will just have to trust his professional opinion. Otherwise, I have no one else to blame except myself if my car breaks down.

The total cost that I have to fork out is just over a thousand pounds. And it is half the price that I paid for my car a few years ago. I know what you are thinking now but this is not the best time to replace my car. Last year, I had bought two new tyres, replaced the brakes, exhaust and catalytic converter. This time, I had to replace the catalytic converter again and I suspect that the previous guy who replaced my car’s catalytic converter (another workshop) did not do an honest job. I guess I won’t be going back to that workshop again even though it was recommended by my landlord.

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