As I may have already mentioned previously, I am more eager in following up the latest technology available today since I got my HTC Desire. An app called Pulse allows me to view selected websites’ update with title in one page. The most followed single website by me is the Engadget. Through the website, I learn that Android scene is getting bigger and bigger with the introduction of many tablets with different sizes, specs and functionalities. Even while using some of the free apps with advertisement on my HTC Desire, the variety of advertisement has increased since the day I first downloaded an app. Maximuscles, free HD games, prenatal multivitamins and new apps advertisement are among the most popular advertisement.

However, I am still not convinced that Android can be bigger than Apple at the moment. Statistically, Android may be the bigger seller but Apple products still catch the attention of media as well as end users. As I mentioned before, I used to dislike Apple products because of the pricing they put up. But if you look at it in details, it is difficult to find a similar product with the same pricing. Most Windows laptop manufacturers have produced slim and light laptops and their prices are shocking but yet no one complains about it as much as they do on Apple products. Hence, when buying high end products, I still believe that you get what you pay for.

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