More complains

The gym that Mee and I have been going seems to have a lot of promotions. The membership itself is getting cheaper and cheaper, though the price that Mee and I paid is still cheaper than the current price. We chose to pay annually and it’s almost cheaper by half the price we would pay for a month. The range of products that they are selling is getting wider and now, they are boasting a fat burners that work and it’s on promotion too. In addition to it, all products are available in their online store. Anyway, I just hope that they could put more effort in providing better service overall. Indeed, they have renovated the gym area as well as the health suite. However, not all the machines are working and the changing room is a mess with numerous non-working lockers. The showers are always without hot water too. The manager has made an effort in listening to members complain but so far, their words are louder than their actions.

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