iPad 2 launched

The iPad 2 was announced yesterday. A lot of hype about it but it is not as interesting as when iPad was first launched. I followed the Engadget live blog minutes by minutes and that was the first time I have done something like that. It was quite exciting. There were pictures of people having cigars outside the building and onto the event itself at 10am sharp. The same old huge black stage with a huge projector screen and a sofa. Out come Steve Job and he started talking about how well Apple products have been doing. He doesn’t seem to recognize the works of his competitors when he started criticizing them indirectly. In fact, he just thought his competitors are more like copycats.

Anyway, the IPad 2 has two cameras, front and back, dual-core processor, thinner and lighter design. The price remains the same but the iPad has a discount of £100 at the moment. I am really tempted but I am fixated to MacBook Air now.

Remember how I talked about MacBook Air 11” previously. I have a change of heart and I am considering MacBook Air 13” as well. The scale is tipping towards MacBook Air 13” area for now. I just thought that the full specification of the MacBook Air 11” is almost the same price as the MacBook Air 13”. And for that price, I get a faster processor and bigger screen size as well as a SD card reader. Let’s be honest, I don’t travel that much, maybe thrice a year and most of the time, I will be using MacBook Air at home. A bigger screen size would help a lot even though the MacBook Air 11” is really attractive and cute. I guess I will have to go to the local Apple Store again to check them out.

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