New things

I haven’t been to the town centre for quite a while now. Mainly because I have nothing to buy. Well, I guess the way that man shops is quite different to woman. I would normally go to the town centre if I have something to buy. Once in the the town centre, I would then go to some specific shops to look for the stuffs that I want to buy. Mee, on the other hand, would go to almost any shops that she fancies. Anyway, there seems to be some new shops opening in the town centre. One particular shop that caught my attention while reading the newsletter was the jacuzzi store. It sells ranging from outdoor jacuzzi and spa to accessories such as hot tub covers and pumps. If I have a house with a garden, I might get one outdoor jacuzzi and spa. That would be quite interesting.

By the way, the place that I am working right now is about to implement some kind of internet restrictions. This morning, most of the websites were blocked while some could be browsed on a limited period of time. By afternoon, most websites were available except social networking websites. Most of us were quite curious and kind of irritated by the way things were handled. IT has always been doing things without prior notifications even when hundreds of people are on the network. Also, why now? I know that a lot of companies have implemented things like this but if they start blocking websites and maybe monitoring our activities, I will feel a bit threatened and as if some of my privileges are taken away. I accept the fact but I just don’t like the way things are handled. Why can’t they make it known to all the staffs?

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