During my college years, online learning was already quite popular. I am not sure about the progress of online learning but to my knowledge, it has not progressed a lot. True to say, the variety of programmes offered based on online learning have been expanded and now, you could even enrol on a massage therapy program online. I guess even though they are called online learning, learners will still have to do some practical once a while. I remember that I enquired a Master online learning course from a local university. To my surprise, the fees compare to a normal Master course were not much different.

Anyway, when I was studying not many of us have computers let alone internet connection. Even if we have internet connection at home, it would just be dial up. The cost of broadband was high and it was considered as luxury. Nowadays, even my mobile phone internet broadband is a lot faster than dial up. I am in the process of searching for the best mobile broadband deal to use when I am in Malaysia and all the packages are a lot cheaper than a year ago.

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