It’s the time !!!

At last, I finished most of the packings. I don’t think both of the big luggage are going to be overweight. I tried to weight them just now using the normal scale and both luggage were around 18 – 19 kilograms. Of course, after I weight them, I packed more stuffs in. Mee has a habit of trying out each outfit and even hats before deciding whether or not they are going into the luggage. Luckily, she hasn’t got those stetson hats, in which case, I will have to find more space in the luggage. In terms of packing, I felt a bit relax this time compared to my previous trips. Most of the things fit quite nicely. I am still staying up a bit late because I am thinking hard in the hope that I won’t forget something important. I believe most people have this kind of dilemma where you wouldn’t want to be in a position of forgetting something. Anyway, the most important thing, tickets and passports are in the safe place.

On the other hand, my sister is back. She has been in Malaysia for weeks. Time flies and now, it’s Mee and my turn. I reckon that it will still be as hectic as ever. The most important thing is to have my wisdom tooth removed. Well, actually, I have a lot of important things. I am still hoping that my MacBook Air will be delivered on time. The status at the moment is Prepared for Shipment. Fingers crossed!

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