Third day

We reached Malaysia as scheduled three days ago. My bro came to the airport to help carry my luggage while Mee and I took a bus to her hometown after that. I had to trouble my bro to pick up my luggage because when we are back from our Hong Kong and Taipei trip, I will be going back to my hometown instead of Mee’s. Hence, I like to be able to have access to my luggage rather than leaving my luggage at Mee’s home. When we arrived at the airport, we shopped for cigarettes and tobaccos. Both of us don’t smoke and they are for Mee’s father as those items would be tax free. While we are in the tobacco shop, I found out that they sold vaping forum as well which is a kind of device that help smokers to quite. Well, it’s kind of weird that they actually sold devices that help smokers quite together with cigarettes. Anyway, I am not interested in smoking.

My MacBook Air has arrived at Kuala Lumpur. I doubt that it will reach Mee’s hometown on time for me to take it to travel with us. I just have to be patient and see it in couple of weeks’ time.

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