Wisdom tooth removed!

Yesterday, I brought Mee to the nearest shopping mall for a facial treatment. Her skin is quite sensitive and due to the food that we ate during our trip as well as late night sleep, her face developed some redness around the forehead area. The whole treatment took about three hours which I thought was quite long but she liked the way they did the treatment. During the course of her treatment, I asked the manager about hhow to get rid of pimples fast and she said that there are no easy ways. One has to do treatment consistently as well as eat healthily.

Today, I had my wisdom tooth removed. It was a small operation and it took about 45 minutes. Imagine that I had to have my mouth opened most of the time. Mind you, I still have another wisdom tooth waiting to be removed and just before the dentist did the operation, she told me it is advisable to remove the tooth on top of the wisdom tooth next time. Anyway, I am glad that the wisdom tooth that caused the most problem previously has been removed!

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