New things

My parents have added a few newcomers since I came back last year; a car, a huge TV, a monitor, digital recorders, a new table and a couple of chairs. Yes, a brand new car. The first time I drove a new car was my brother’s car. I didn’t feel that stress as I was only driving on a motorway. This time, I drove my dad’s car to a shopping mall and park the car in the shopping mall’s car park. It was quite stress for me and Mee and I were trying to find a shaded parking space as well as a space that not many cars will go through. At the end of the day, I think I am quite used to it now though I feel even stress when my father is in the car with me driving. However, I am most impressed with the TV and imagine watching movies or playing games on it. That will be my first target when I own a house myself.

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