My new MacBook Air 13″ …

The wait was over a few days ago. My hands are typing on my new MacBook Air keyboard. As I mentioned previously, I bought the cheaper 13” option and upgraded the RAM to 4GB. 13” definitely looks more like a proper laptop and I think that I have made the right decision for myself. Undeniably, 11” still works very well for people who prefers more portability and to me, MacBook Air 13” provides good size of screen as well as portability. When I switched on my MacBook Air 13” three days ago, it had around 82% of battery left and now, it is about 60% as I typed. I must say that I have not done anything extensive other than just browsing and trying to connect to the wireless network. Most of the time, it was on sleep mode. I have to say that when I open the lid, it takes less than two seconds before I can use it.

Just last week, Mee and I managed to have a short gathering with our friends and I was quite glad that I got to meet with one of my good friends which I have not met for about 3 years. After meeting with him, I realise that there are so much things that I have yet to do and I will certainly try to do more when I get back to UK. All I can do at the moment is to gather more information and other than that, I will be just talking and talking without any action.

Another six more days, Mee and I will be on our way back to UK, the same working life. I am not quite sure how I can properly store my MacBook Air as it looks and feels quite fragile to me.

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