What do I know about web design? I am quite sure that design is something to do with talent and cannot be gained through qualifications. When planning a website, I have always wanted to have a clean design. However, most designs have always ended up either looking boring or similar to another website. I must admit that I always think myself as a good improviser rather than a good creator. That said, it is always good to leave some things to the professional rather than messing around without getting good results.

I like to browse as they give me ideas and great information. I always admire great looking websites like the one that I come across recently; Paper Culture baby shower invitations. Not only the website design looks clean and professional, the invitation cards are very creative and attractive. I wonder if I will ever be that good but instead of trying to figuring that out, I believe action speaks louder than words. I have to be more proactive and full stop.

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