I am just lazy …

I am getting lazier and lazier. For a start, I have not updated this blog for some time. Initially, I thought that I would have put up something together regarding Mee and my recent trip to Macau, Hong Kong and Taipei. I failed, given the excuse that I did not receive my MacBook Air before the trip. The slowness of my Samsung NC10 netbook has been getting on my nerves even when it is running on Ubuntu, though it is significantly faster than running Windows OS. I was just using it to backup pictures during our trip.

Enough for the excuses; I am just lazy. I could have done better. Over the past few days, I was fiddling around with the Mac operating system, trying to get use of it. My initial idea of getting MacBook Air was so that I could be more productive in whatever I do. Even though I have not done many things with it, I believe that I am slowly getting there. In the meantime, I have upgraded my HTC Desire to the latest Cyanogenmod 7. I did not do enough of backups and ended up messing up with installation. In the end, I had to clear and reset the data and start with a fresh installation. I think I will probably do better next time.

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