New Yahoo! E-mail Interface

I received an email from Yahoo a couple of days ago asking me to try out the all new Yahoo! Email. It was also because of that email, I found out that I have been a Yahoo! User since 1998. My first email account was actually with Hotmail where I opened in 1996. However, Yahoo! soon becomes my main email account as the interface is easier to use and faster. Over the years, a lot of functions have been added while the user interface is more or less the same. I have actually tried the new Yahoo! email interface a couple of years ago but it was not very stable at that time.

This time, it is a little bit more stable. It looks a lot like an application on its own. Well, like how you would see in Microsoft Outlook or normal email application. It has also claimed to have improved spam mails control but I see no changes in that part at all. I still get emails like depression rehab treatment centers and some of my regular emails being categorised as spam. It has become a habit for me to check spam mails regularly before deleting them. Somehow, you just couldn’t reduce the amount of spam mails no matter how hard you tried.

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