Days with MacBook Air …

I have been using MacBook Air for quite a while now. It really is a great machine and I find myself using it every day. Most of the things that I have done up to now are only experimental; like I have installed several games and programmes. One thing which annoys me is the fan speed. It can get really noisy when doing extensive tasks especially games. Normal browsing, photos viewing as well as document typing are all fine and the MacBook Air is totally soundless. I had switched on my Samsung NC10 once so far to copy some files and I noticed the difference immediately. However, as I play Grand Theft Auto, the fan could go up to 6000 rpm which was noticeable loud. I searched through forum posts and it seemed to be quite normal for MacBook Air to behave like this. But upon hearing that fan noise, it sounded as if it was going to explode.

On the other hand, I have installed a software called Crossover which allows me to install Windows applications without Windows operating system. So far so good and I managed to test a couple of Windows programs without encountering any problems. I would really love to try the BootCamp Assistant some day which will allow my MacBook Air to run Windows operating system on another partition. But I don’t think I will be switching to Windows operating system on my MacBook Air. I will, however, be waiting for Mac OS X Lion which I am certain that I will buy when it is available.

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