Fridge magnet

When Mee and I go to a trip, we always buy fridge magnet as our own souvenir. Often, we would find ourselves going to shops after shops looking for the fridge magnet that we like. At Amsterdam, it was the same case. However, we were quite surprise that majority of the shops were selling at the same price. We still took our time to browse the shops even though most of them have the same fridge magnets.

Some of the souvenir shops have incorporated triple ‘X’ in their shop names and we naturally associated it with sex. However, the triple ‘X’ is in fact represent fire, flood and plague. We only knew this through one of our guided tours in Amsterdam. The real gifts for men will clearly have a word ‘erotic’ in their shop names. Needless to say, the selections of gifts will be different from the gifts for men at Personal Creations.

We truly enjoyed our stay in Amsterdam even though it was a mere three days. If we had one more day, it would have been excellent.

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