Good spam mails

My collection of spam mails seem to have increased over time. I get free vouchers, free coupons, flight information, promotions, gadgets deals, adult newsletters and many more. You might think, well, free vouchers and free coupons sound good. When things sound too good to be true, then they are. When you try to sign up for one free voucher, the next screen will prompt you to sign up another ten or more offer. Screen after screen and at the end of it, you will realise that you have signed up dozens of unwanted newsletters. Most importantly, you need to eventually sign up one of its paying promotions in order to get the free voucher.

I might have mentioned this before but I welcome newsletters from Misco Deals, Amazon, Sony and other gadgets related newsletters. They sort of provide me with information about up and coming technology as well as offers and promotions on older products. I have been thinking lately about getting a new GPS device. The one that I currently own has out-dated maps and I am trying to determine whether or not to update the map or completely get myself a new one. Coincidentally, I received an email about garmin nuvi gps and it’s on offer. However, if I get a new GPS now, what am I going to do with my current one? I might be better off checking the price of the map first!

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