Mee’s Birthday …

Yesterday was Mee’s birthday. On Friday, our colleagues gave her some surprises as they had had gathered some collections previously and bought her some presents. Most of them are vouchers and chocolates while I suggested a few of Gordon Ramsay’s books for them to pick one. Before that, Mee was very hardworking in making muffins and Swiss rolls. In the place we work, birthday gals and guys have to bring in some cakes on their birthday and it is recommended to make their own cakes. I might have to be just lazy and buy cakes on my birthday because I am terrible at baking or shall I say almost terrible with anything related to kitchen. Anyway, Mee did manage to make muffins and Swiss rolls successfully and our colleagues were all contented.

On Mee’s birthday, we went to London early in the morning. It was like a eating day. We first decided to go to C&R Restaurant, a Malaysian restaurant, for our brunch. However, it was not opened until 12 noon. It was 1130am at that time, so we headed over to MacDonald’s to have some snacks. At 12 noon, we walked to C&R Restaurant and had our brunch. After that, we window-shopped around Chinatown and SoHo before stopping at Patisserie Valerie for our teatime. We ordered four cakes and we had to takeaway one in the end, as we didn’t want to spoil our dinner later one.

Dinnertime came and it was the highlight of the day. We booked a table for two at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, the maze. The staffs were all well trained and polite. The waiter who served us had advised us to order two starters, a main course and a dessert as they were meant to be served in small portions. Since we were there already, we opted for the chef’s menu, a six courses menu. In addition to it, we ordered two non-alcoholic cocktails. It took us nearly three hours to finish the whole six courses. I did mention to the person who served us that it was Mee’s birthday. He took the effort to place a complimentary piece of chocolate cake with candle and the word ‘Happy Birthday’ written on the plate with chocolate sauce. Overall, the chef’s menu was nice although I didn’t quite like the dessert. By the way, we were given a tour to the kitchen and the manager briefly explained their day-to-day operation.

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