Broadband fixed!

It’s finally fixed. The technician actually came about ten minutes to seven. At about 630pm, Mee called Virgin Media to ask if the technician is still coming. We were wondering what time the technician would come if Mee never made the call. In the past, I usually received a text message with options to either continue with the appointment or cancel the appointment. However, I never received it this time. We don’t even know why every time there’s a fault; the technician has to come into our house. Why can’t they just check the cable box in the area before making the assumption that the problem comes from the customer? I think if this kind of things happen again, I need to be clever a bit to force them to check the area’s cable box before assuming that my devices are at fault. I might even bring up this matter to them. Anyway, I just don’t wish to contact them again which will mean error free connections and that’s almost impossible.

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