Document management software

I have been searching for good document management software for my HTC Desire for sometime already. So far, I have not found one yet. The best one, in my opinion, at the moment is Office Suite Pro. It allows user to manage Word document, Excel Spreadsheet as well as Powerpoint presentation. I thought it will be a nice addition to have Access Database even though I am not sure how quickly I can do things with it compared to using Microsoft Access on a computer or laptop. The latest Microsoft Office extension is also supported as well.

Still, document management software on the go is still not good enough to replace a computer or a laptop. It is not because they are not good, it’s just difficult to sometimes work on a small screen. I always use to envisage a day where there’s an all in one machine. Those were the days where a mobile phone was purely used to make phone calls and text messages. Nowadays, a lot has changed and smartphones are able to replace most of the basic computing stuffs though not al. The latest Motorola Atrix may not be perfect but it is certainly a great idea. It is a smartphone but it can also power an Atrix laptop. The Atrix laptop will not work on its own and solely relies on Motorola Atrix smartphone. Hence, Motorola is able to make Atrix laptop as light as possible and definitely lighter than a normal laptop. It is certainly one of the gadgets to watch this year, though not forgetting the rumoured iPhone 5.

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