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My blog activity has been slow. By that, I mean I am not as active as when I first started the blog. I remember that I used to post several posts a day and it could be about anything and any length. I feel like I am a bit lost right now. Hmm…. Where can I find that thrive again? Honestly, I spend more time at home nowadays where as Mee and I used to go to the gym at least five days a week. The classes’ timetable is frequently changed and they fail to make it more exciting each time.

Having said all that, I am as busy as ever if not busier. I started Hubpages about the same time I started this blog. I have had several articles in there but I was a passive hubbers. I only published articles but not making an effort in getting to know other hubbers or leaving comments on good articles. But now, I am back to Hubpages again. I am more active than ever and I try to write as many articles as possible.

I always like to write, which is why I start blogging. However, English is not my first language and the barrier is always there. But still, I just write and on and off, I would revise my articles on Hubpages to see if I can improve them or spot any spelling mistakes. I don’t imagine myself writing a book or anything like it. I just write as you go!

I guess what I am trying to say is that even though I have not updated my blog as regular as possible; I am still quite active writing.

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