eBay or Amazon

I was searching for Mee’s iPhone casing online the other day. I found out that there were lots of products, which were of the same quality, but they were all selling at different prices by different sellers. Most of Amazon products could be seen selling in eBay under different brand and usually cheaper. Well, most of the top rated sellers with buyer protection offer free shipping and sometimes, I don’t see why I should buy products offered in Amazon. For example, I was looking at a sensa iPhone leather pouch and Amazon priced it at over £30. I knew that it was genuine leather because I have read sensa reviews but it was selling at less than £20 at eBay. With eBay buyer protection, I could simply refund the item if I found it not to be made of leather. I have had problems with Amazon products as well as delivery and therefore, I would not say that Amazon’s products are of better quality than eBay. From now on, I will be checking both eBay and Amazon as the different in prices are sometimes quite appalling for the same products.

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