Relationship with Virgin Media …

My relationship with Virgin Media has not been really good for the past couple of months. I have made numerous calls regarding their intermittent internet services. I have logged several complaints and even though I received their replies, I still feel unsatisfied with their answers. The only time when I felt good was when I talked to a customer relations officer who was very polite and very patience. Others felt as though I am in debt to them.

I do agree that when service failure, there’s not much things they can do other than sending a technician over to check. And it is also very hard for them to determine a specific time for the technician to come. However, I couldn’t really understand why the broadband service is always down during weekend. Even when I was given a time frame, the technician still couldn’t come in time. The rules state that if there is no one in the property when the technician arrives, there will be a charge of £10. There are no mentions about what happens when the technician is late.

During the previous two visits in the last couple of months, the technicians actually came in the last half an hour of our appointment. For three and a half hours, Mee and I were in our room, waiting. It’s ridiculous considering that other service providers have the same practice and some have even wider time frame.

Anyway, I have a technician booked again for today and surprisingly, they came quite early. Cables have been changed and during my conversation with the support, there should be no more problems once the cables are replaced.

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