I have had my iPad 2 for quite a while now. It’s an impressive little machine which does anything that most laptops can do and a little bit more. Well, it’s more like a phone though but bigger screen as most people would say. Browsing experience is great but it’s only good for normal browsing. I was trying to do some surveys the other day and it couldn’t handle the flash as usual as well as the interface. It didn’t work well with some javascripts too. I have tried an online car check website and the whole page just looked distorted.

On the other hand, it is a great gaming machine. Controls can be dodgy sometimes but I believe it is the problem with the game rather than the hardware. As with most devices, it is always either love it or hate it. The Apple Apps Store is excellent, and I thought it is better than Android Market. However, free games are limited and most of them are demos only. I am still deciding whether or not to jailbreak my iPad2. Yeah, it is not available yet but I am trying to make a decision first as it is rumoured that the jailbreak will be available soon. Until then, I shall search more information about the jailbreak as I don’t want to regret it later.

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